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Industry Solution Overview

We provide comprehensive intelligent factory construction services such as lean production, automatic design, quality management, information construction and digital construction, aiming at the key pain points of the automotive electronics industry workshop, to promote intelligent production of enterprises and achieve sustainable development and growth.

Industry Analysis

Complex product structures are difficult to manage

Various materials and complex models. Inadequate timeliness and accuracy of warehousing data. The transfer and signing of a large number of paper documents cause waste.

Quality control and improvement are becoming increasingly difficult

The production process is complex and changeable, and the uncontrollable factors affecting production and product quality increase. The ability to collect and analyze quality data is insufficient.

New Challenges for Production Planning and Management

Diversified product structure, non-transparent production process information; insufficient process traceability, unable to achieve process fool proofing and error proofing. Inadequate accuracy and timeliness of process data collection.


Intelligent logistics system design

Provide the best logistics system design based on lean system integration technology, and significantly improve the space utilization rate; The logistics efficiency has been greatly improved; Substantial reduction in logistics costs

Three-dimensional warehouse AGV/AMR WMS

Equipment system upgrades

Manage and upgrade the data, status and performance of the equipment in the production workshop in the whole life cycle.

Equipment data acquisition EPMS PHM

Quality system

Monitor the failure actions of the workshop core site, integrate the AOI and AI technology of the result detection, solve the learning cycle and quality problems of new employees through the intelligent training assistant, and improve the product quality from multiple dimensions of personnel and equipment.

Smart Camera Smart AOI

System upgrade

Provide professional upgrading solutions for workshop exception handling and production collaboration to help improve enterprise management efficiency.


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