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Industry Solution Overview

ADT provides the medical device industry with an integrated quality management system that effectively and strictly controls the manufacturing quality and production process and data-driven refined operation management, helping the medical device industry create a new generation of intelligent digital factory intelligent solutions.

Industry Analysis

Whole process traceability

Strict records of people, machines, materials, methods and processes are required in the production process.

High process control

Strict quality control is required for materials, finished products and production processes.

Long product cycle

The product iteration cycle of medical devices is long, and the response speed to customer needs is not timely; information compensation leads to low plan accuracy, insufficient customer demand and production Interconnection.


Information System Construction

Take the management goal as the benchmark, and give priority to the realization of basic management informatization on the medical device production site to meet the customer audit requirements.


Equipment and Quality Informatization

Refine key equipment and quality management, realize yield analysis, timely feedback of exceptions, process data analysis, etc., and improve enterprise quality.


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