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Product Overview

AUO Digitech provides intelligent detection and analysis services. Based on artificial intelligence technology, we extract the value of data and assign an algorithm model to the terminal to enable edge hardware to generate intelligent decision-making capabilities. With our rich scenario application technology and algorithm model accumulated in the manufacturing industry for many years, we provide comprehensive and complete intelligent detection, big data analysis, artificial intelligence and other solution services for enterprises.

Pain Points and Analysis

High AI talent cultivation costs

AI expertise systems are huge, and require a lot of time and cost to cultivate related talents with rich experience

Professional personnel are required to write the program

The programmer needs to write the model carefully and adjust the parameter settings, which takes a long time

Deployment of a large number of terminals takes a long time

When there are many field terminal devices, it is necessary to deploy the model more quickly and manage the terminal model status and version


AI Numerical Analysis Solution
AI Defect Detection Solution
Ice Machine & Air Conditioning System Solutions

AI Numerical Analysis Solution

Enjoy AI is a system platform with four functional modules, namely "data analysis", "parameter recommendation", "model training" and "association rule analysis". After the data is imported into Enjoy AI, the platform will conduct preliminary results statistics of the data for users' reference, storing, analyzing, and self-reorganizing the uploaded data. It then uses the ML module to establish a model and obtain various evaluation charts and explanatory content of the model, or uses the recommendation module to achieve auxiliary decision-making and analysis.

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AI Defect Detection Solution

AI depth learning technology can mark the images to be identified, analyze the marked object features use a neural network training model, and perform object image classification, object detection, and anomaly detection tasks from the images.

When the detected object has multiple defects, the AI model features can be used to enable the detection system to identify clear defects, multiple defects, learn the appearance of the object, and enable the object to have allowable changes.

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Ice Machine & Air Conditioning System Solutions

An ice-water air conditioning system is an air conditioning mode used in large buildings, which transfers heat generated indoors to the outdoors through ice-water circulation, refrigerant circulation and cooling water circulation.    

The system includes: ice-water host, ice water pump, water cooling tower and water cooling pump.  

The setting of temperature value, temperature difference, flow rate and other parameters in the ice water and cooling water circulation, the interaction between parameters, and the change of temperature and humidity in the atmosphere will affect the power consumption.   

Taking the AUO factory as an example, we collected hundreds of thousands of operation data related to external air, process cooling water and equipment load (109 variables in total), combined with air conditioning principles, big data and AI artificial intelligence, and developed an optimal energy saving model for ice water system.

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在线实时训练/测试 地端部署

在线实时训练/测试 地端部署


Platform Introduction

EnjoyAI Data Analysis Platform

Ready-to-use Extreme Analysis

  • 40+ algorithms (continuously updated)
  • Certified pipe line for the actual manufacturing field
  • Closed-loop management for quick overview
  • Enjoy AI’s unique association rule analysis module
  • Diversity in data pre-processing
  • Interpretation of polyhedral model
  • We not only sell the system, but also provide advisory services and data
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IMT Graphics Model Training Platform

Visual AI Success Tips

  • Painless AI model training through the platform without professionals
  • Real-time monitoring of model status and understanding of training schedules
  • Test model validity online and provide confusion matrixes and loss metric analysis for training status analysis
  • Supports FTP transfer for simultaneous deployment of models to multiple ground devices
  • Provides project POC services and recommend appropriate training models and parameters
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Smart iCool Ice Machine Air Conditioning System

Officially certified energy-saving benchmark

  • Automatic prediction-automatic feedback control
  • Intelligent optimization of equipment operation efficiency
  • Master the energy consumption, power consumption composition and power consumption analysis
  • Distinguish the improvement plans of 1.0~3.0 stages according to the completion degree of the hardware and information network construction of the ice water air conditioning system, and provide corresponding supporting measures
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Success Story


Intelligent factory management



Data analysis platform



Graphic model training platform


Related Recommendation


AUO Digitech is deeply involved in the field of optical and intelligent manufacturing, and has tailored its R2R AOI system to meet customer needs. Through its online real-time inspection system and defect management experts, we can control the production status of products in real time, conduct defect warnings, significantly improve defect detection rates, reduce the loss of material costs, and improve the efficiency of console introduction. Our AI classification system can conduct smart defect classification accurately and efficiently, simplifying the manual setting of parameters.

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AUO Digitech intelligent manufacturing solutions provide security protection for staff and man-machine cooperation, and strengthen workplace security; Through the precise setting of intelligent manufacturing solutions, improve production reliability, ensure the continuous and stable operation of the production line 24 hours/day throughout the year, and improve production reliability. Manufacturers can flexibly and quickly adjust production line settings to meet the requirements of different customers, meeting a small number of diverse production trends and improving manufacturing flexibility.

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AUO Digitech AIoT integrates AI and IoT technologies, generates and collects massive data from different dimensions, and stores it in the cloud and edge through IoT, thereby realizing total digitalization and intelligent connection through big data analysis and more advanced artificial intelligence. We provide a series of data collection hardware products and data analysis software products with AIoT to assist enterprises in realizing digital upgrades.

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