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Industrial Applications

Rich industry experience, fully tap the value of the industry, help enterprises to transform and upgrade digitally

SEMI Industry

The semiconductor packaging industry faces challenges with limited factory space and complex equipment operation processes. Additionally, the high complexity of product combinations has contributed to a shortage of skilled talent, We provide a one-stop service solutions to assist our customers in achieving full automation of their production lines. This solution not only helps client achieve full automation of their production lines but also increases production capacity by at least 10%.

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Optoelectronic Industry

Optoelectronic Industry: We provide integrated manufacturing collaboration solutions for photoelectric backlight modules, module assembly, and touch industries, and provide comprehensive intelligent manufacturing solutions for the characteristics of short product life cycle, complex process, etc.

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Automotive Electronics Industry

Aiming at the key pain points of the automotive electronics industry workshop, we provide comprehensive intelligent factory construction services from lean production, automatic design, quality management, information construction, and digital construction, promoting the intelligent production of enterprises and helping them achieve sustainable development and growth.

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Electronic Information Industry

We provide the electronic industry with intelligent data collection and monitoring, personalized customized product verification process, overall production process tracing, and visual intelligent control center to solve the issues of production relying on experience management, non-standard processes, insufficient informatization, and assist enterprises improve production efficiency and save labor costs.

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Medical Device Industry

We provide integrated solutions for the medical device industry, effectively and strictly controlling the manufacturing quality and production process and assisting enterprises achieve digital intelligent transformation.

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SMT Industry

Based on the production characteristics of the SMT industry, we provide full link management related to production of personnel, data, equipment, logistics, etc. on the basis of SMT exclusive process flow, to promote the intelligent production of SMT related enterprises and achieve sustainable development and growth.

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Customer Perspective

Enabling a wide range of industries and leading the innovation of industrial models

ATI Big Data Team and Sinocare Production Center jointly launched the digital workshop operation center project with the theme of "gold" benefit, which is an important node for Sinocare to implement digital transformation, aiming to set up a benchmark for the digital transformation of the production center at the workshop level, while focusing on the construction of the operation center at the workshop level. Establish the technical and personnel capability foundation for digital transformation for the management team.

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Sinocare-Digital Operations Center