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Product Overview

The SPIIDER intelligent aid box of ADT supports the five mainstream PLC communication protocols in the market. It can directly connect to the PLC to obtain data without purchasing additional communication modules, turning the traditional fragmented data extraction method into a unified one. In addition, SPIIDER, with its excellent product quality, can also be applied to industrial sites, truly realizing no downtime - uninterrupted production, no wiring - wireless transmission, plug and play - rapid deployment, and easily upgrades the old PLC equipment of the factory to IoT equipment.

Pain Points and Analysis

Poor connection of the application at the management end

The application software at the industrial management end lacks the ability of the Internet of Things, and cannot achieve effective interconnection with the equipment data.

Lack of multi-scenario production monitoring

Workshop production and personnel status are not transparent, information sources are scattered, and management is inefficient and outdated.

A large number of equipment data is isolated

The equipment protocol interfaces are diverse, and unified collection is difficult, resulting in scattered and blocked data and high control costs.


Intelligent Power Saving Solutions
Console Life Diagnostic Solutions
Data Extraction Solution

Intelligent Power Saving Solutions

Through IoT technology, we establish a full-time perception layer of equipment power consumption, and upload equipment power consumption information to the database in real time to monitor factory energy consumption.

We analyze current direction through big data, establishing a traceable and sustainable optimization energy improvement plan, as well as use data analysis, disassembly, information fusion and high readability charts to enable energy managers to accurately achieve intelligent management.

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Console Life Diagnostic Solutions

The way for the manufacturing industry to create profits is nothing more than to increase income and reduce expenditure. An important indicator in reducing manufacturing costs is the equipment utilization rate, which focuses on the allocation of equipment costs and the use of equipment, implements the maintenance plan, and reduces equipment abnormalities.

We develop a set of solutions to make the equipment intelligent, with self-perception of state, predictable trend, and judge specific factors to optimize maintenance and operation decisions, so as to reduce costs and waste, improve efficiency, and make the equipment operate more safely and reliably.

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Data Extraction Solution

The data extraction solution consists of the "Intelligent Aid Box" + "Accurate Warranty Platform".

The downstream flow can be directly connected to the console controller; The upstream flow can connect to the existing factory network without affecting production and purchasing new production equipment!

Help enterprises upgrade from Industry 3.0 to 4.0. This solution has no impact on the company's existing IT architecture and does not change the existing technology; so the company only needs to reconnect a few resources to explore new value!

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Product Introduction

SPIIDER Dr. Pi Mobile Physician

  • Fast and flexible: Plug and play, fast visual digital results.
  • Diagnostic decision: AI model, diagnostic results, light display.
  • Low cost: No wiring, flexible measurement of all equipment on the console.
  • Built-in international standard vibration specifications to quickly establish effective threshold values.
  • Rich experience in factory area introduction,which is derived from practice
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  • 90 time-frequency domain features, effectively improving model accuracy
  • Largest experimental factory experience - AUO mass import inspection, accurate and effective
  • Fast hardware import, convenient line expansion and easy software upgrades
  • Support upgrading of advanced fault diagnosis and life prediction functions
  • Built-in diversified algorithms, which can be completed with one click, without additional selection
  • Model parameters can be customized according to actual needs, suitable for expert applications
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  • Supports the market mainstream 6 PLC communication protocols (Mitsubishi, Omron, Schneider, Siemens, Panasonic, Fatek)
  • Supports wireless network communication without physical network cabling and fast installation
  • Supports penetration mode for remote programming and diagnosis
  • Built-in 7 inch touch panel, engineers can complete setting and communication connection on site
  • Support Web API function, elastically integrate PLC data, and realize machine equipment automation and intelligent function applications
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Platform Introduction

Smart Grid Platform

Intelligent energy conservation

  • Simple system operation, clear and easy to understand
  • Clear current consumption, active detection and abnormal warning function
  • Closed-loop management enables quick handling of the overall situation
  • Real time acquisition of current data through sensor installation
  • Accurate calculation of power consumption per minute, complete with production history, to accurately handle more improvement points
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PHM Health Diagnostic Platform

Effective detection tool for equipment health

  • No need for professional personnel to operate, one-click completion of feature engineering, flexible start of monitoring operations, and everyone can become a master of equipment testing
  • Real time monitoring of the status light and display of the online rate of the model, prediction results, source data, etc.
  • Abnormal operation notification function, no need for constant vigilance
  • Input machine feature system functionality, abnormal product identification, and linked display of various indicators
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MyPRS Accurate Warranty Platform

Super industrial IoT data intensifier

  • Provide logic analyzer to graphically express system causality
  • Remote diagnosis of PLC abnormalities can be performed by using the diagnostic software provided by the original PLC manufacturer
  • Support major PLC brands
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Success Story


PCB Industry - Smart Gird intelligent energy management platform


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AUO Digitech is deeply involved in the field of optical and intelligent manufacturing, and has tailored its R2R AOI system to meet customer needs. Through its online real-time inspection system and defect management experts, we can control the production status of products in real time, conduct defect warnings, significantly improve defect detection rates, reduce the loss of material costs, and improve the efficiency of console introduction. Our AI classification system can conduct smart defect classification accurately and efficiently, simplifying the manual setting of parameters.

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AUO Digitech intelligent manufacturing solutions provide security protection for staff and man-machine cooperation, and strengthen workplace security; Through the precise setting of intelligent manufacturing solutions, improve production reliability, ensure the continuous and stable operation of the production line 24 hours/day throughout the year, and improve production reliability. Manufacturers can flexibly and quickly adjust production line settings to meet the requirements of different customers, meeting a small number of diverse production trends and improving manufacturing flexibility.

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AUO Digitech provides intelligent detection and analysis services. Based on artificial intelligence technology, we extract the value of data and assign an algorithm model to the terminal to enable edge hardware to generate intelligent decision-making capabilities. With our rich scenario application technology and algorithm model accumulated in the manufacturing industry for many years, we provide comprehensive and complete intelligent detection, big data analysis, artificial intelligence and other solution services for enterprises.

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