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Product Overview

The roll-to-roll (R2R) process is a high efficiency and low-cost continuous production mode that is suitable for high-tech products such as optical films, flexible displays, flexible circuit boards, new energy battery materials, etc., and conforms to the development trend of the electronic industry. Due to the continuous nature of production, periodic defects will cause huge losses, making real-time monitoring mechanisms are essential. ADT provides a complete solution for continuous production mode: 1. Online real-time detection system: Monitor production line defects to find continuous defects in real time and reduce material cost losses. 2. Intelligent classification system: intelligent classification of product defects to simplify parameter setting. 3. Defect management experts: integrate cross process defects, assist personnel in analyzing and improving yield, and can match the marking mechanism to mark the defect location, which can save manual visual inspection costs.

Pain Points and Analysis

Unable to detect defects in real-time

Unable to know the production status of products. If continuous defects in production are not found in real time, huge material cost losses will be incurred.

Only has monitoring function and no marking function

The defect information of hundreds of meters to kilometers cannot be accurately mapped to the roll position, so it is difficult to find abnormalities.

Data is scattered and cannot be integrated

The product quality analysis needs to integrate the information of each process, and the test results that are scattered, cannot be integrated, and can only be analyzed independently and separately.


Roll-to-Roll AOI: Online real-time detection system
Roll to Roll AOI: Intelligent Classification System
Roll to Roll AOI: Defect Management Expert

Roll-to-Roll AOI: Online real-time detection system

The roll-to-roll (R2R) process is a high efficiency and low-cost continuous production model, which will cause huge losses when periodic defects occur, a real-time monitoring mechanism is required.

Monitor the defects in the production line, find continuous defects in real time, and reduce material cost losses.

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Roll to Roll AOI: Intelligent Classification System

The traditional AOI system uses manually set parameters to classify pictures, which requires repeated experiments and waste time, while the ADT intelligent classification system adds AI artificial intelligence technology, and hands people's subjective judgment to the objective AI intelligent engine. Under the condition that images have discrimination, intelligent classification can effectively distinguish all important defects, reduce the manual parameter adjustment time by 1/10 and improve the accuracy of image classification by 30%.

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Roll to Roll AOI: Defect Management Expert

The "integration" of detection data distributed at various sites is very important for R2R customers with multiple processes. Because the roll process has the feature that the end of the roll is the beginning of the second process, the customer needs to invest considerable effort in evaluating the quality of the final product. The defect management experts of ADT can summarize the scattered data into available decision-making information.

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Product Introduction

AOI Online Real-time Detection System

  • The online real-time detection system enables roll-to-roll process detection functionality, and controls the production status of the product in real time.
  • Exclusive R2R AOI system is designed based on customer\'s needs
  • match the most appropriate detection system according to the product and defect characteristics in a variety of optical detection methods.
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AOI Polarizer Detection System

  • Reflective optics: Targets defects of concave or convex product surface
  • Penetrating optics: Targets foreign object dark spot defects
  • Orthogonal optics: Special application of polarizer to detect bright defects through the product\'s orthogonal characteristics
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AOI Brightening Film Detection System

  • Use penetrating optics to detect fiber, scratch, bright spot and dark spot defects
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Platform Introduction

Defect Management Expert Platform


  • Accurate cross process defect information integration can be used to mark defects in each process in series with defect spray printing system.
  • Elastic yield trial and cutting instructions can help personnel evaluate the most appropriate cutting strategy.
  • Automatic judgment of product grade can help personnel to quickly analyze material conditions.
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Intelligent Classification Platform

Automatic defect classification detection of polar

  • Using ADT’s AOI system and self-developed AI training platform for model training and image classification, and the classification accuracy of each category is more than 95%.
  • improve sample feature recognition capability and efficiency using its powerful algorithms
  • can detect minor defects, overcome error samples, record training footprints and suggestions
  • provide services and management from training to operation
  • can completely replace the current manual parameter setting process to achieve the goal of defect classification
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Real-time detection system platform

  • Simple operation interface
  • Powerful defect detection algorithm
  • Rich defect information report
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Success Story


Polarizer Industry-Valuable digital tool for quality monitoring
RTR AOI management solution



Brightening Film Industry-Valuable digital tool for quality monitoring
RTR AOI management solution


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