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Product Overview

AUO Digitech intelligent manufacturing solutions provide security protection for staff and man-machine cooperation, and strengthen workplace security; Through the precise setting of intelligent manufacturing solutions, improve production reliability, ensure the continuous and stable operation of the production line 24 hours/day throughout the year, and improve production reliability. Manufacturers can flexibly and quickly adjust production line settings to meet the requirements of different customers, meeting a small number of diverse production trends and improving manufacturing flexibility.

Pain Points and Analysis

Labor Shortage

With the tremendous changes in the environment and challenges facing the manufacturing industry, enterprises should strive to develop intelligence, respond flexibly to market demands and solve the problem of labor shortage.

Failure to automate

While providing customers with a small amount of diversified production flexibility, the flexible manufacturing system can also achieve economies of scale production, meet the dual requirements of output and quality, and integrate data and analysis data to improve operating efficiency.

Customized Service

ADT combines AI, IoT, Big Data and Cloud services to provide a full range of intelligent manufacturing solutions, helping enterprise customers improve manufacturing reliability, efficiency and human-computer security.


Intelligent Automated Material Handling System (iAMHS)
Autonomous Mobile Robot

Intelligent Automated Material Handling System (iAMHS)

AUO Digitech has independently developed the Intelligent Automated Material Handling System (iAMHS). By combining the world-leading ball bonder from Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. (K&S) and the rail guided vehicle (RGV) system from Leyu Precision Co., Ltd. (Leyu), AUO Digitech has created a comprehensive solution that has been successfully implemented at multiple semiconductor production sites.

The AMR feature omnidirectional drives and utilize AI algorithms, 2D LiDAR, 3D cameras, and other technologies to enable precise movement and obstacle avoidance even in the limited spaces of factories. They serve as invaluable assistants to production line personnel. By automating material transportation, the solution improves coordination and streamlines the manufacturing process, eliminating the communication issues and interruptions that can arise from manual handling.

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Autonomous Mobile Robot

Based on the ROS/ROS 2 platform, ADT's autonomous mobile robot (AMR) integrates a robotic arm and autonomous navigation carrier, which is flexible, light and accurate, greatly improving production safety, reliability and accuracy. It is a solution that is extremely suitable for a small amount of diverse production trends.

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Product Introduction

Autonomous Mobile Robot

  • Modular system, rapid deployment
  • Autonomous navigation without additional installation of tracks or paths
  • Omni-directional movement and precise positioning
  • High-security human-machine collaboration
  • Real-time monitoring and scheduling
  • 24 hours, seven days a week, high reliability operation and capacity improvement
  • Electromagnetic monitoring and improvement of safety management
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Platform Introduction

Fleet Management System

  • Open API for easier system integration
  • Intuitive user interface for easy operation
  • Real-time information, management and adjustment
  • Manage and control information through multiple devices
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AUO Digitech is deeply involved in the field of optical and intelligent manufacturing, and has tailored its R2R AOI system to meet customer needs. Through its online real-time inspection system and defect management experts, we can control the production status of products in real time, conduct defect warnings, significantly improve defect detection rates, reduce the loss of material costs, and improve the efficiency of console introduction. Our AI classification system can conduct smart defect classification accurately and efficiently, simplifying the manual setting of parameters.

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AUO Digitech AIoT integrates AI and IoT technologies, generates and collects massive data from different dimensions, and stores it in the cloud and edge through IoT, thereby realizing total digitalization and intelligent connection through big data analysis and more advanced artificial intelligence. We provide a series of data collection hardware products and data analysis software products with AIoT to assist enterprises in realizing digital upgrades.

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AUO Digitech provides intelligent detection and analysis services. Based on artificial intelligence technology, we extract the value of information and give the algorithm model to the terminal, which endows the edge hardware with intelligent decision-making capabilities. We provide comprehensive and complete solution services to the manufacturing industry using our accumulated scenario application technologies and algorithm models, such as intelligent inspections, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence for various enterprises.

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